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We offer maintenance/servicing contracts on all Escalators Northern Ireland  which can be tailored to suit the particular needs of each of your escalators and moving walks.


Properly executed planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is the key to achieving optimum results for your installations and ultimately this will represent the best value for you.


Of course, we will provide feedback as standard following a maintenance/servicing visit, together with recommendations to ensure maximum availability and a long operating life for your escalator installations.


Items in need of repair are often identified by during maintenance/servicing visits. We believe in taking care to ensure that we identify possible future problems before they occur. In this way we ensure that unexpected costs are minimised.  We can rovide  the Knowledge & Experience To Service Your Lifts or escalators.

Other Escalator Services Offered By Elite Lifts Include:


Escalator Maintenance – to ensure that the mechanism is operating correctly and that its maximum performance level, all escalator systems should be subject to regular service and maintenance schedule. Adopting adhering to a periodic maintenance schedule is the key factor that will contribute to lower operating and repair costs during the lifespan of your escalator. Our periodic inspection of your escalator system will identify any imminent maintenance concerns that can be addressed with proper and expedient attention.


Step overhaul – where each step is removed, inspected, cleaned and then re-installed. In the case that we discover a step is damaged, it can be either repaired or the client can be offered a replacement step. Step overhaul projects are performed with the least amount of disruption to the business environment and are always executed with the highest regard for safety.

Escalator Cleaning – many of our clients contract with us for the external and internal cleaning of escalators. Dirt inside escalators can build up quite rapidly and throughout the course of time can become a safety hazard toward effective operation. Furthermore, dirt might be flammable producing a significant safety risk. The periodic cleaning of the outside and inside of escalator will significantly reduce fire risks while also extending the life of the mechanism.

Escalator Repairs – any businessperson realises that it can be extreme consequences in the event that an escalator is out during a busy day. Therefore, you need to find a company that can make repairs effectively. At Elite Lifts, we realise that any non working escalator can have an adverse effect upon customer relationships and overall customer experiences. Therefore, we employ only a highly-trained and experienced workforce that ensures you will be back in operation as quickly as possible.


Escalator Spare Parts – we have excellent working relationships with our suppliers that allows us to offer our clients competitive, if not better, pricing on all spare parts.

Escalator Removals – Elite Lifts offers escalator removals service anywhere within the whole of Ireland / Northern Ireland.. Keep in mind that the removal process is quite complicated and extensive. Therefore, it has to be planned well in advance so you can make sure that you reduce the amount of disruption in your work environment.


Escalator Handrails -At Elite Lifts, a full line of handle services available. This includes new rail insertions or just protector repairs. Our staff are fully trained technicians will visit the site to work out an efficient schedule that will result in the least amount of disruption. We keep in stock hundreds to feed all handrails that are appropriate for all the major escalator manufacturers. All rails are buffed, cleaned and adjusted after the completion of either a new installation or repair process.


At all times, Elite Lifts observes all applicable health and safety laws concerning our staff when visiting your business for escalator repair and maintenance.

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