Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly lifts; all for prices that suit any commercial, residential or industrial budget.

Covering lift installation Northern Ireland,  Dublin, London we provide over 30 years of experience to provide the finest lift installations in office buildings, hotels, industrial buildings, and residential blocks throughout the region.

All of our installations are fully compliant with current European Standards EN81, Disability Discrimination Act and are CE marked accordingly

As one of the Northern Irelands leading lift maintenance and installation specialists, we offer unrivaled expertise in new lift installations of any kind, be it passenger lifts, disabled access platforms, scenic lifts, goods lifts, and dumbwaiters.

Bespoke designed and tailored to suit you.

We tailor our bespoke lift installations to your individual requirements. Designed exactly to your specifications, no matter how challenging or unique, our lift installations conform to recognised European standards and are CE marked accordingly.


New lift installation Northern Ireland

Our installation department will ensure you get a quality product from concept to completion. This means carefully assessing your requirements and providing the best solution to fit your individual needs

Our lift engineers install lifts for a wide range of purposes, including motor room and motor room-less:

  • Passenger lifts

  • Goods lifts

  • Service lifts

  • Disabled access platform

Things to Consider When Installing a Residential Lift.

Lifts allow an increasingly aging population to remain independent in their own homes. From 1974 to 2014, the average age of the UK population increased from 33.9 years to 40 years – an increase of 6 years.

The installation of home lifts has also allowed people with physical disabilities or illnesses that restrict their movement to access any space or room in their homes.

However, home lifts are not just used by people with physical limitations. The vast majority of users opt for a residential lift to simplify their movement within their homes. Access inside houses with several floors, whether they are refurbished properties or new constructions, is made easier with a lift.

Lift Specifications

Different homes will require different lifts. The size of the cabin will depend on the number of people that will be using the lift, as well as their needs, and the pit size will depend on the features of the house. Some lifts can be installed without excavation, while others require a deep pit to be created.

Automatic sliding doors are easier to operate than accordion-style doors, which can prevent an elderly or disabled person from using the lift effectively.

It is also critical to consider other specifications of the lift, such as weight limitations, safety features, maximum travel speed, and maximum floors allowed in a single journey.


Whether modern or traditional, they need to be able to match the existing interior design – they can also clash with it in an aesthetically pleasing way if the user prefers.

Glass lifts can blend in seamlessly with their surroundings so that they remain as hidden as possible. This option is popular with homeowners who want their décor to be visible at all times. Scenic lifts offer luxury and are visually appealing, which can complement the interior design of the home.

There are many different types of lifts, and there is also the possibility of going bespoke – meaning that the home lift will be unique to a particular user and cannot be found anywhere else.

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