Expert Lift Modernisation

You may not realise it but your lift can be one of the first things your potential customer sees. Make sure that your lift gives off the right first impression by hiring the lift experts at Elite Lifts to refurbish a lift at your property today.


Lift modernisation is a cost-effective and elegant solution to keeping your elevators modern in function and design without having to replace them every few years.


Lift modernisation complete replacement of a lift system is often unnecessary, especially if a periodic modernisation service is in place to look at the lift system in detail, replacing and modernising only those parts that need attention.


Much like installing a new lift, modernisation begins with detailed consultation and surveys of your current system, paying particular attention to components such as the controllers, door operators, and drive units. We also discuss options on aesthetic cab interior refurbishments to keep your whole building looking modern.


Elite Lifts Expert Modernisation Of Lifts Northern Ireland


We consider every component in a lift during all modernisation projects, considering both wear and tear as well as newer technologies available on the market. By upgrading components over time, even an old lift system can perform like new, gaining all the operational and safety benefits that new technology brings.


We are compliant with legislation


Ever-changing legislation can quickly render a lift out of date, or make them non-compliant risking penalties on property owners; often modernisation can cost-effectively solve the problem. We have helped many of our clients stay on top of safety and access laws with simple modernisation projects designed to meet requirements such as the Disability Discrimination Act, Health and Safety legislation, The Lifts Regulations and various British Quality Standards.


Based in N.I we work throughout the U.K, Ireland providing commercial and residential properties with affordable and expert lift design, supply, installation, modernisation, and maintenance/servicing services.


  • Complete re-skimming of all personnel-facing panels (inside and outside the lift) to replace scuffs and scratches with a smooth and shiny finish.

  • Replacing ceilings and floors.

  • A choice of over 450 different materials and colours.

  • Bespoke designs and walls printed with designs of your choice. This could be an enlarged logo or an image that portrays your company’s culture and values.

  • Replacement control panels, lift direction arrows, and buttons to give the lift a modern look.

  • Colour LCD displays for your lift control station. This can be fully-customised with different colours, backgrounds, and logos.

  • Electrical refurbishments – old lift wiring is one of the most common causes of breakdowns. We offer wiring updates to severely reduce the risk of breakdowns, breakdown costs, and add increased lift efficiency.

  • New energy-efficient LED lighting with emergency batteries ready in the event of cut-outs.

  • Disabled-friendly lift designs required by Health and Safety and DDA regulations.

  • We can also include audible signaling to aid the visually impaired.

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Elite Lifts Ltd provides national coverage and has lift engineers working throughout the UK. This means we can start refurbishing your lift interiors at a time that suits you. As we are one of the leading independent lift companies we also guarantee a highly competitive rate. Call us on 0800 2343888, email, or complete our Contact Us form to get a quote on a facelift or full upgrade for your lift.